February 15 & 16, 2018 • French Quarter, New Orleans

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Kim Crayton to Speak at Clojure SYNC

I am very excited to announce a surprise speaker. The epic Kim Crayton will be speaking at Clojure SYNC.

Kim Crayton has skyrocketed herself through the tech speaking circuit. She’s working with programmers and leaders on issues of diversity and inclusion in technology as a Community Engineer. She’s also working on her Doctorate of Business Administration. Kim has been thinking about the role programmers will play as increasingly capable Artificial Intelligence relieves people of more and more work. While it’s clear to see that many manual labor jobs will be replaced with robots, what is less clear is how knowledge work will be affected. Kim will trace this evolution and give us ways to remain relevant.

About the Author

Eric Normand is the organizer of Clojure SYNC. He teaches Clojure and Functional Programming at PurelyFunctional.tv and blogs at LispCast.com.